Everybody Must Get Stoned! Its Time To Legalise Cannabis in the UK

Back in the 1920’s, a man called Harry J Anslinger created what we now know today as the ‘war on drugs’. He was the founder of this concept, and managed to boost its popularity through unsubstantiated lies and rumours about drugs as well as threats and intimidation. The war of drugs, though first just in the US, quickly spread through the world through the US’s threats to not trade with countries who did not embrace this no-nonsense, conservative approach to drugs in their own territories. Typical America; the modern bullies of the world who feel that they can tell other people their business because they’re the biggest on the playground. But sadly, one by one, all the countries of the world fell to this idea and the worldwide war on drugs excelled. Richard Nixon also encouraged this in the 70’s, along with Ronald Reagan in the 80’s.

One of the countries who bought this line of bullshit from America was a little island just off Europe called the United Kingdom. But recently, this fable that ‘drugs are bad’ seems to be coming undone more and more with the passing of time. But why the change? Because we were lied to. The war on drugs was created out of Anslinger’s own personal fears about drugs which he pressured on the rest of the world with such conviction, Adolf Hitler would probably offer him his chair. His blanket idea that ‘drugs are bad’ and should all be illegal is so immature and naiive it makes me sick to my stomach. And the concept that these old-school, boring white men can tell us how to live our lives and what do to with substances that they have had no experience with is incredibly depressing. Then there was also the other reason weed was made illegal which is that it was discovered that hemp, (which is what weed comes from) can be used to make items such as paper, textiles, clothing, biodegradable plastics, paint and food. Jesus, what a product! So due to big corporate owners in the tinder industry being afraid that hemp would threaten the world’s use of paper, they successfully lobbied to make it illegal. Another sad example of a bunch of rich old white dudes who enforced their agenda on the world and dictated how everyone should live their lives, due to their fears or selfishness.

Drugs are not bad in the way that people like Anslinger and Nixon would like us to believe, though this lie is still so powerful today that many people will never even try drugs, besides the ones they will take without question from their doctors, which are often more dangerous. These are the same people who believe what their government tells them and doesn’t question societies rules. Sadly, they make up a fair proportion of this country, and indeed the world. But recently, something has happened that has tipped the scales somewhat, which just seems to be part of natural cultural evolution: People are waking up to the fact that drugs are not, as we are told blankly at school, ‘bad’. I mean, people are waking up about a lot of things the government tell us which is probably bullshit. Before we would maybe kinda accept it, but trust in politicians now is so low that I doubt we’d not question anything they say. These people are young people obviously, and are liberal free thinkers, often brought on by their decent education and a wide range of news sources. Below are the reasons to legalise weed:

Usage and the ‘cool’ factor go down: Cannabis remains the most popular drug in the UK and US, with the least amount of fatalities. And there’s a reason why it’s popular, because it’s bloody great, and mostly harmless. People like to now give me horror stories of people who have smoked way too much dope and lost themselves, which I totally believe; but this is no different than any other substance; if you abuse it, it will fuck you up, that’s science, bitch. Sure, getting high is cool, but responsible drug use is way cooler, man 😉 If we can legalise it and teach responsible use as we should be doing, rather than scare tactics, then safety from school age with be paramount. But of course, it really won’t be that much of a big deal if we legalise it, because studies show that when you legalise something, the fun goes out of doing it when you’re underage, because you’re now allowed to. So it just becomes something that you eventually try when you are ready for and either like or don’t like, but it’s so mundane and discussed by this point that it hardly matters either way. It takes the enigma out of it. So if we can accept that teenagers will probably try pot, like they try alcohol or cigarettes, then it will honestly be much easier all round. By highlighting an issue, you put focus on it, leaving it in people’s minds to wonder why you mentioned it in the first place in a certain reprehensible tone. But discuss it freely and it becomes just like anything else.

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Psychological benefits: Alcohol is so over-relied upon these days. People go out and get utterly smashed, because it is legal. And then some of them pick a fight or smash up a pub, or cause some sort of expensive public damage, or beat their wife. Either way, over-reliance on any one drug (yes, booze is a drug) is never going to be a good thing  People say that pot is too strong these days, and they are right. But that is BECAUSE it is illegal. When alcohol was made illegal in America in the 1920’s, speakeasy’s opened up serving the most high percentage alcohol, liquor, being brought into the country. No more beers gents. They are too bulky, so not worth the struggle; most potent stuff only from now on. And so goes the UK weed. Legalise it and we can dial this hydroponic shit waaay back and go back to a natural crop that doesn’t leave adverse effects on people. Let’s get this straight, it’s the fucking with this stuff in a lab and making it mutant that’s giving people adverse effects, not the weed itself, because it’s a plant, and harmless. If we can go back to a natural weed, everyone will be the better for it. I mean, by god, you can actually write on that stuff 😉

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Super Skunk will fuck you up in large amounts!

Crime and tax benefits: The majority of crime in the world now, (aside from under-reported and under-prosecuted white-collar financial crime) is drug-related. In fact, as much as 90% of all crime these days is drug related, with the most popular drug being weed. So if you make it legal, you therefore take that large portion of the drug-dealers repertoire away, making them far less powerful. Criminals controlling such a popular substance is dangerous because they are unregulated and keen to rip you off anyway possible. The dangers are less great with weed because it is hard to alter, but other substances such as cocaine are often cut as much as 80% with things such as rat poison, paracetamol and other stuff we don’t know about, often making them more dangerous than the actual drug itself. Addiction and use of drugs also go down when you legalise them because the government can control and regulate people’s use. Addiction is allowed to happen because people are able to get as much as they want of an addictive substance without being regulated. So the solution is to legalise it, have it distributed via appointed weed dispensers where you are allowed a certain amount per month, and then we will all be happy. Places like Oregon and Canada do this, and re-invest the billions that are made yearly from selling weed to help treat those with addiction, as well as building hospitals and schools. I doubt many UK dealers are currently re-investing their earnings back into the system. Also, treating weed smokers as criminals is unfair, and throwing young people in jail along with murderers and rapists; real criminals is a terrible thing.

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Health Benefits: Besides the list of good reasons for pot to be legalised, the real kicker that people try to use to argue its continuing illegal status is that ‘drugs are bad’, and mostly this is sort of right. Drugs generally are a bit bad for you, if you abuse them that is, and if you do bad drugs such as heroin or crystal meth. But weed is not really a drug, it’s a plant that grows out of the ground, and if you don’t screw around with it in a lab, it’s no more harmful than oregano. There have been 0 deaths from people smoking weed ever in history. You literally can’t die from weed, unless someone were to take enough buds and jam them down your throat, suffocating you to death. Then weed would have killed you. But otherwise, not only is it not harmful, it actually has a variety of important health benefits such as helping with chronic pain, muscle spasms, epilepsy, anxiety, improving eye-sight and with prohibiting cancer cell growth. So not only does taking weed make you feel awesome, it’s also good for you! (in responsible doses). WTF?! How is this plant still illegal? Well, it probably won’t be for much longer. The medical benefits of weed have been used to help decriminalise it in 29 states in the US and now also in the UK, where for the first time in history it has been made legal for medical use in certain instances.  So it is surely only a matter of time until it is made legal, (as it has now been in Canada for recreational use) and that could lead to some very interesting world effects, particularly because weed changes your perception, making you kinder, happier and more empathetic which I feel we could really use right about now. Convinced yet? Violence goes down when people smoke weed compared to drinking alcohol, and because it is less addictive personal harm also goes down. If we can teach people these multiple benefits of this amazing plant, we could change the world.

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